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Class testing

MyStudentSuccessLab was created after years of extensive research and in partnership with student success faculty and students across the country. Pearson wants to continue our partnership with the student success community by inviting you to review and class-test MyStudentSuccessLab.

  • Send an email to indicating your interest in class testing. Please send us your full name, school, course name and section number(s), and number of students per section.
  • Upon receipt of your message, you will be contacted and registered. We'll send you access codes with registration instructions for your students.
  • We will ask you and your students to fill out a survey with your reaction and recommendations at the end of the semester.
  • You could test MyStudentSuccessLab by just trying out a single assignment, use it to do all of your assignments in the term, or have your students use it on their own.
  • MyStudentSuccessLab can be used in a traditional, hybrid or online course.
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Work with us to develop and test new MyStudentSuccessLab features

From time to time the Pearson Student Success Media team runs usability studies and conducts surveys to make sure we're on the right track with new MyStudentSuccessLab features and functionality. If you are interested in innovation, in using technology in the classroom, and in giving feedback, please email us now at to join our MyStudentSuccessLab Review Board. You will be reimbursed for your participation in any review projects.

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Help others learn to use MyStudentSuccessLab as a member of our Faculty Advocate Team

If you are enthusiastic about using MyStudentSuccessLab and interested in sharing your experiences with colleagues on your campus or at other schools, we invite you to join our MyStudentSuccessLab Faculty Advocate program. You'll have the chance to help other instructors learn how to use MyStudentSuccessLab and integrate it more effectively in their courses. And, of course, we'll compensate you for your efforts. Apply for the MyStudentSuccessLab Faculty Advocate program by emailing us now.

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Help improve MyStudentSuccessLab by giving us your feedback

Have you spotted an error? Do you have an idea for a new feature? Do you feel we could improve usability? As is the case with any good technology, MyStudentSuccessLab is improving every day. And we know the best way for us to improve is to listen to our users. Send us your feedback now! We guarantee your ideas and questions will be carefully considered.

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Become a MyStudentSuccessLab author

If you're familiar with MyStudentSuccessLab and have ideas for new content that would help students with their success skills, please email

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