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NEW! MyStudentSuccessLab 2012 Update

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MyStudentSuccessLab Modules (ie. Topic List)

MyStudentSuccessLab 2012 Update Features
REVISED Learning Outcomes for existing topics to improve instructional value.

REVISED Assessments:
· Re-categorized/revised test items to align with new Learning Outcomes.
· Over 1000+ new test item questions, including test items for new modules (Job Search Strategies, Interviewing, Teamwork, and Workplace Etiquette).

NEW and REVISED Modules (ie. Topics)
· Revisions to the Learning Preferences module to revise from VAK(t) to VAK, and the Professionalism module which was redone and renamed Workplace Communication.
· New Professionalism Topics include Job Search Strategies, Interviewing, Teamwork, and Workplace Etiquette.

NEW Student Inventories have been added:
1.Golden Personality - Similar to Meyers Briggs–it offers a personality assessment and robust reporting for students to get actionable insights on personal style. (Reinforces contextual skills!).
2.ACES (Academic Competence Evaluation Scales) - This is a strength inventory which identifies and screens students to help educators prioritize skills and provides an overview of how students see themselves as learners. Identifies at-risk. (Reinforces academic behaviors!).
3.(Watson-Glaser) Thinking Styles - Helps students understand their thought process and how they tend to approach situations. Shows how you make decisions. (Reinforces key cognitive!).

NEW Video Additions for new modules (Job Search Strategies, Interviewing, Teamwork, and Workplace Etiquette).

NEW Student Resources now offers:
· Resources from MyProfessionalismKit including: professionalism video cases, interactive lessons.
· GPA, Savings, Budgeting, and Retirement Calculators will be added.

NEW MyProfessionalismKit Assignments for select Professionalism topics not covered in the Learning Path in this launch, we will include MyProfessionalismKit multi-media assets for assignment. (Examples: Ethics and Politics, Customer Service, Human Resources). These assignments will help students check comprehension (ie. — reinforces the content vs. developing the skills).

REVISED Instructor Implementation Guide to include new topics and Learning Outcomes.

Learning Path Diagnostic
- For the course, 83 Full Course Pre- and Post-Diagnostic questions (Bloom's Levels I-VI) that link to key learning objectives in each topic.
- For each topic, 20 Pre- and Post-Test questions (Bloom's Levels I-VI) that link to all learning objectives in the topic.

With MyStudentSuccessLab students will have…
Topic List — This is the "meat" of the course, relevant to every student (ie. Time Management, Financial Literacy, etc.).

Learning Path Diagnostic — Measurement of skills that lead to personal development learning paths:

Topic Overview — Offers a summary of the Learning Outcomes/Skills to address the skills that will be built in the practice exercises and activities for the topic. It shows what will be covered, and where. Repetition is key to learning, and building vocabulary around how to articulate strengths and weaknesses is important.

Video Interviews - Features real student interviews 'by students, for students' on key questions related to the topic and helps student engagement. Allows students to 'connect' via their peers of all 'ages and stages' and see the relevance of what they are doing in this class and how it affects their success in other courses, on the job, and their personal lives. Having video is good, but having assignable questions to coach cognitive skills and communication around what the student has heard and how they interpret it is unique.

Practice Exercises (not graded) – Two to three per topic, a 'practice' denotes what students are learning about and trying something out, with no output from the experience. Allows students to "build confidence before it counts" in the graded Activities.

Activities (graded) — Two per topic, an 'activity' denotes what the student has learned the material and is ready to demonstrate the knowledge by formally doing something that produces an output for students. Activities are broken down into explicit steps to make it manageable - like a word problem. Effective exposure to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is provided.
Essay: Students demonstrate their level of competency and to apply what they have learned.
Journal: Students are assigned journaling about what they've learned in their online journal and setting related goals.

With MyStudentSuccessLab instructors will have…
Instructor Resources - Save class prep time and support implementation while engaging students:

Student Resources - A collection of resources add value by providing timely tools to support them throughout the first year.

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