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For the course, 83 Full Course Pre- and Post-Diagnostic questions (Bloom's Levels I-VI) that link to key learning objectives in each topic.

For each topic, 20 Pre- and Post-Test questions (Bloom's Levels I-VI) that link to all learning objectives in the topic.

Learning Path Diagnostic

Measurement of skills that lead to personal development learning paths:

Student Resources - A collection of resources (Calculators, Professionalism Tools, Research and Writing Tools, and Student Success Tools) add value by providing timely tools to support them throughout the first year.

Instructor Resources - Instructor Implementation Guide saves class prep time and support implementation while engaging students.

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How do you measure your students' skills and what do you do with the data?

MSSL provides 83 Full Course Pre- and Post-Course Diagnostic questions (Bloom's Levels I-VI) that link to key learning outcomes. This measures actual progress (where students were when they came into the course, and where they are when they leave). This data can be rolled up at an individual, section, and course level.

How important is base lining?

MSSL provides a Learning Path Diagnostic with 20 Pre- and Post-test questions (Bloom's Levels I-VI) for each module. These questions are different than the Full Course Diagnostic and are designed to gauge the students' skill level and test knowledge and mastery of the learning outcomes.

Are you able to get through all your objectives in ONE term?

MSSL shows 'at-a-glance' what the learning outcomes are in each module and where to find the skills to be practiced.  Repetition is key to learning, and building vocabulary around how to articulate strengths and weaknesses is important.

How do you get students to reflect on what they are learning and communicate about it?

MSSL helps student engagement through videos 'by students, for students'. Video Interviews feature allows students to 'connect' via their peers of all 'ages and stages' and see the relevance of what they are doing in this class and how it affects their success in other courses, on the job, and their personal lives. Having video is good, but having assignable questions to coach cognitive skills and communication around what the student has heard and how they interpret it is unique.

How would better class preparation improve the learning experience?

MSSL helps them practice skills for each topic and has application across the curriculum. Practice exercises allows students to "build confidence before it counts" in the graded Activities. In order to improve skills for anything, you simply have to practice.  There is no shortcut.

What could you gain by building critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities?

MSSL offers an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned on a particular skill by doing something that creates an output. Activities are broken down into explicit steps to make it manageable. Exposure to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is provided. Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that encompass creative and critical thinking by applying what they have learned for each topic and demonstrate competency. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are also separate topics within MSSL, as well as woven throughout ALL topics.

How do you get students' attention?

MSSL FinishStronger247 is a YouTube channel with the "best of" how-to videos that have been selected "by students, for students".  The videos in each playlist were selected by students and peer reviewed by instructors. These videos are not tested on, but rather a resource to provide humor, save instructors time, and reinforce the topics at hand.

How do you get instructors trained?

MSSL provides an Instructor Implementation Guide that is essentially a "shortcut" to implementation.  It is organized around each module and offers suggestions for teaching around the learning outcomes, provides time on task, suggested grading rubrics, and more.

Would you like to use Student Inventories?

MSSL includes three Student Inventories.  They are ACES (Academic Competence Evaluation Scales), Golden Personality, and (Watson-Glaser) Thinking Styles.

How important is Professionalism coverage to you?

MSSL has ample coverage of Professionalism from numerous modules, to assignments, and videos, and interactive lessons.

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